Trades and Skills Development

British Columbia has some of the best industry training in the world.

College of New Caledonia

The College of New Caledonia has six campuses, including one in Quesnel.

The College of New Caledonia opens many doors. There are a number of options depending on your chosen career path. You can earn a certificate, diploma, associate degree, or transfer credits to degree programs at provincial universities. Certificate programs are typically one year in duration, and diploma programs take two years. The Quesnel Technical Education Centre is an approved Industry Training Authority and provides the training to acquire provincially recognized trades certificates. The College of New Caledonia has also callaborated with the University of Northern British Columbia to offer a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Aboriginal Skills Group

The Aboriginal Skills Group is a non-profit partnership dedicated to increasing Aboriginal employment in strategic markets. The society collaborates with First Nations communities, Métis Provincial Council and industry and training institutions. 
The Aboriginal Skills Group trains and certifies Aboriginals with the knowledge, experience and qualification that industries need. Training is available in the categories of heavy equipment operation, warehousing, independent power plant operations, chef training and Red Seal apprenticeships in a variety of trades.

University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia’s South Central Campus in Quesnel offers a wide variety of certificates and degrees including Silviculture Surveyor Assessor Chainsaw Safety, ATV safety, Introduction to GPS, and Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor training, as well as degrees in Forest Ecology and Management, Natural Resources Planning, Energy Specialization, Geography, Environmental Studies, and a variety of Business degrees.

British Columbia Construction Association

The Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) was originally launched in 2006 to assist foreign trained skilled workers obtain employment in the Construction Industry where there was a lack of available workers.  This first partnership between the British Columbia Construction Association and the Construction Sector Council laid the ground work for what has become an extremely successful employment program with a wide range of offerings within the province of British Columbia.
Since that first project, the STEP Network has grown to include employment programs that serve all Canadian residents wanting a career in any of the over 90 Industry Training Authority recognized trades.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University has seven campuses, including campuses in 100 Mile House, Lillooet, and Williams Lake. 100 Mile House and Lillooet offer a wide range of continuing studies for adult based education, agriculture and horticulture, business and office skills, computing, first aid, general interest, health and safety, languages, professional development, and trades and technology; additionally, students can also start their certificate, degree, and trades programs at these campuses. The Williams Lake campus is more extensive and also offers full diploma and certificate programs, nursing and health care education, and full trades and technology programs.

Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Employment Centre Society

The Cariboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Training Employment Centre Society strives to identify, develop, implement and assist Aboriginals with the attainment of employment, training and education programs responsive to the current and future requirements of Aboriginal people, Aboriginal bands, Aboriginal organizations and Aboriginal individuals. Programs are available for bands, organizations, businesses and aboriginal individuals.

Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training

Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training (BEST) is a free training series that helps to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of people, communities, and organizations. Aboriginal BEST includes twelve training sessions and one-on-one business counseling. Participants meet guest speakers, identify viable business ideas, determine their feasibility, and take steps to start or grow their own businesses. Learn to conduct market research, write business plans, and explore financing options on your journey to self-employment success!

United Steelworkers Northern Skills Training Program

The Northern Skills Training is proactive and innovative with dealing directly with employers and employees in order to provide the essential skills required in today’s work sites. This program is directed towards the requirements of each individual’s needs to allow them to maintain their job and, and to provide them with the skill sets, training or certifications required to meet the challenges of new technology or advancement.

British Columbia Aboriginal Mine Training Association

The British Columbia Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA) works with mining companies to align their training opportunities with the jobs that are in highest demand. BC AMTA provides opportunities for Aboriginals at every level, from tutoring for those who are working on skills upgrading, to certificates for individuals looking for mining employment or those looking to expand their opportunities and knowledge in the industry.  Those looking to become a student at BC AMTA can learn more online about their programs and services, different jobs in the mining industry, and opportunities in the province.